Mama To Linc & Lulu


Welcome to Linc and Lulu!

This is my little piece of the world to show you all things important to me.  I’m Sarah, the mama behind Linc and Lulu.  I want to connect with others especially on life as a working mom and wife who previously in Chicago and now lives closer to the country.  There’s a lot I’m learning with 2 small babies and even more, I’d love to learn from you!


I’m Sarah.  A wife, mother, and full-time VP of operations, living outside of Chicago.  My babies are currently both under 2 and are 10 months apart. Unexpected Irish Twin mama, but loving every minute of it!  I’ve been married to my husband, Matt for over 6 years,  we lived in Chicago for the last decade, only moving back home to be closer to our family about 6 months ago.


Besides my family, I love lists, party-planning, fashion, and I’m a wannabe foodie and fitness fanatic with a strong desire to strengthen my faith.  I live my life with one foot in the city and one foot in the country where Matt and I grew up and where our families still live.

Please send me an email or leave me a comment to let me know a little bit more about you.  I hope you’ll stop by here often, and also check me out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.