Fall Bucket List

Scarves, hats, boots, and plaid – those are some of my favorite parts of fall!  


Usually in Illinois Fall is short-lived.  We have summers that run in September and October and winters that come far too soon, and sometimes fall gets pushed into a tiny 3-week window.


We are hoping that we have a little more fall than that this year, but regardless we’re hoping to make the best of it!

So to kick off fall, we’re hoping to spend a few weekends doing some fun fall activities with the kids both at home and as a fun day or weekend out. 


Fun Things to do at home: 

  • Make homemade soup
  • Play in some leaves
  • Bake & decorate fall cookies
  • Boo a few neighbors
  • Give thanks
  • Donate to those in need
  • Make pumpkin crafts
  • Host an appetizer cook-off game day party
  • Make homemade candy apples
  • Take new family pictures


Fun Days Out: 

  • Visit an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch
  • Participate in a Family-friendly 5K or walkathon
  • Family hike
  • Family bike rides
  • Visit a fall festival
  • Go to a college football game
  • Go trick or treating
  • Fall nature scavenger hunt
  • Go to a Halloween party
  • Feed farm animals




What are your plans for fall?  Any fall traditions your family celebrates?  I love creating new traditions and keeping our family active.  It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of things you feel like you have to do’s and I want to make sure there are more memories being made than loads of laundry being done. 




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