Lincs of Love – Summer Reading List

Do you’re kids read in the summer?  My kids are participating in a summer reading program through the local library. They get stickers as they track their way to the moon in the universe of stories program.  I love that Linc and Lulu both love to listen to stories, look at pictures on their own, and that books are so much a part of their everyday life.  We have about 3 weeks left in our reading challenge, and quite a few books still on our must-read list!

I recently came across the idea of, How Full is Your Bucket?  And I love that they have a children’s version.  Most of the time Lulu is on her best behavior, showing great manners, sharing, and making friends, but sometimes, like anyone, she forgets.  She takes a toy away from Linc, she throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way, or she gets a little too mouthy for a two-year-old.  So, we’re reading this book every few days and instituting a fill your bucket reward system.  Each time she gets “caught” doing something good, she gets to put a pom-pom in her bucket.  Once the bucket has 10 pom poms, she gets a sticker.   We’ll see how it goes!

This week Lulu has been picking up The Wonderful things You Will Be a lot lately.  I love this book. The story is sweet, and the pictures gorgeous. This is a great bedtime story, and a good reminder, that both babies are and will continue to be wonderful things.


The Missing Teeth Rock Band

Any book by Nancy Tillman can bring tears to my eyes, and it may be cliché, but I also love when we read On the Night You Were Born.   For both kids, they have a copy with their footprints from the hospital and its one of my greatest keepsakes.   It really is true, On the night they were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered.“Life will never be the same.”  We also have and love You’re Here for A Reason, It’s Time to Sleep My Love, and I’d Know You Anywhere.

Best of Nancy Tillman

Photo Jul 19, 4 00 21 PM

Lulu loves animals, big and small.  She is currently scouring the library for the perfect book about a cow that has pictures of cows that she feels are visually pleasing.  In the meantime, Dear Zoo is a book she almost has memorized.  Lulu and Linc love a good flap book and getting to say all of the animals that get delivered and imitating their sounds make this book a fun interactive learning experience.  I had no idea the book was over 30 years old!

Photo Jul 19, 4 02 10 PM

Linc is into anything that roars right now. Dragon’s Love Tacos his topping his must-read list.  Linc is also really into food, so this book is perfect.  Big tacos, little tacos, beef, chicken, he doesn’t care as long as we don’t forget the guacamole!

And in true Lulu fashion, we can’t leave a book off about Unicorns!  We love the Uni the Unicorn series by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Unicorns are real, and dreams really do come true!  I want Lulu to hold on to those ideas for as long as she can!

Photo Jul 19, 4 01 56 PMUnicorns are real

Linc is all about the Never Touch A… books.  His favorites are Never Touch A Monster and Never Touch a Dinosaur.  He takes both books to bed with him each night. He loves the different rubber textures and bright colors.  These books are great sensory tools and a fun story to go along with it!  I just noticed they have Never Touch A Shark – that’s going to be a big hit in our house.  The kids love everything {Baby} Shark related!

Never Touch

Photo Jul 13, 10 07 02 AM

We love Bruce.  Mother Bruce that is!  The story is so cute and even has some clean adult humor.  Because even bears need to use the internet and shop organic!  Both kids can sit still for 5 minutes to hear about Bruce.  Next up, Bruce’s Big Move, Hotel Bruce, and Peek-a- Bruce.

Mother Bruce

And when we need a good laugh, we can’t forget, One Naked Baby by Maggie SmithThis is such a cute counting book, that the kids really get it into.  Lulu loves to say, one naked baby.

Lulu_Reading Seriously

What will your kiddos be reading this summer?  Are you guys participating in a summer reading challenge? Let me know we need to check out next!



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