Linc’s A Wild One!

It’s hard to believe over two months ago, we celebrated our baby turning one!  Time is flying by and my babies are not slowing down. I miss the days when I could get them both to sit still in my lap and be content with me just holding them.  I also look back and wonder, how did we do it?  Two under two has been a challenge, but two under one, what were we thinking?

Photo Dec 30, 8 05 26 PM

Every day I’m amazed at the differences between Linc and Lulu.  Linc is strong in the softest way.  He’s giving and has the kindest heart.  He equally loves his mom and dad and favors whoever can hold him the longest.  He’s silly and funny with an ever-growing sense of humor.  He’s Lulu’s biggest protector and best friend. He will follow her anywhere.   He’s shy and reserved, but once you win him over his newly toothy grin will surely melt your heart.

Photo Dec 30, 8 04 52 PM

He’s incredibly adventurous.  He is right there doing whatever it is that Lulu does.  He doesn’t let anything slow him down.  He climbs as high as he can, he can crawl at the speed of light, and he’s eager to push Lulu around in whichever vehicle, object, or box she can get herself into.

Photo Jan 19, 1 57 22 PM - Copy

He’s also stubborn.  He does things on his time, and not a minute before. He was adamant to have solids over baby food at six months. He barely had two teeth on his first birthday.  He’s recently decided naps are not his thing.  I’m convinced he could walk if he wanted to, but he chooses to crawl.  And he has no patience for baby walking boot camp.  And that’s ok, I’m more than happy to keep him my “baby” a little longer.  He’ll walk when he’s ready and has plenty of time for all of the big kid activities.

Photo Dec 30, 7 50 45 PM

His giggles are contagious.  His baby blue eyes will melt your heart.  His crazy old man hair will make you smile.

To celebrate our little man, we had a lumberjack-themed party.  I love a themed party.  I love decorating and making an event all about my little one!  For this one, we had lots of wood, evergreen trees, bears, and buffalo plaid.  It fit Linc perfectly, it embraced his Wild One side.  We were able to showcase pictures from his first birthday photo shoot, which I loved, from the talented TB Photography.   It was a great celebration with our family and friends. And the snow backdrop outside fit the occasion perfectly.





Happy birthday little man!  You’re our little wild one.





Cakes: Nana’s Cakery

Decorations:  Hobby Lobby and Amazon

Location/Food: Aurelio’s PizzaAurelio’s PizzaAurelio’s Pizza

1st Birthday Phot SessionTB PhotographyTB Photography

Need more ideas for your little man’s birthday party, check out my Pinterest board here.




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