Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts For Toddlers

I start thinking about the holidays months in advance. Christmas is over, Target has Valentine’s Day all over the store, and that’s top of mind… at least until I leave emptyhanded. Lately, with #twoundertwo my mind is on the here and now, and not any further.

Now the big day is less than a week away, and I’m scrambling to find ideas! Thank goodness there’s Amazon Prime.  I know, it’s only Valentine’s Day, so I don’t want to turn it into a mini-Christmas, but I do like to get them a little something. It’s a holiday about love, and I definitely love them bunches.

So this year, my top gift ideas for Lulu include:

So Syndey from Amazon.  I love the 3 piece toddler sets. Who doesn’t love a baby in a scarf? These sets are great quality and fit. Lulu has a few for every holiday.  They are perfect play outfits but can be worn shopping, to the library, or out to dinner.

Baby Shark Book.  My kids love books and books that sing Baby Skark top their list.  This is a cute book, with a variety of songs.  I know the kids will have hours of fun reading the story and pushing the buttons.  What’s to not love with Baby Shark on demand? #doodoodoodoo

Speaking of Baby Shark, I love wood puzzles for the kids, and this is a cute one. The bright colors and large shapes are perfect for baby hands. And the fact that it sings the song too – just makes it even better.

Lulu loves art and projects and the messier the better!  I’m hoping with these fun dot paint brushes, she can have the fun of painting – and learning – without the mess.  I love that it comes with a variety of books to help her learn her ABCs and 123s.


I also love toys that help Lulu develop her speech.  Lulu loves talking and learning new words.  This Scout and Violet 100 words book is great because it offers words in English and Spanish.  It’s a book, interactive, and makes Lulu think she has her own computer.

For Linc, it’s all about having…

Some comfy clothing options, as he’s learning to walk, sometimes his baby jeans are a little too restricting.  This Carter’s Joy outfit is cute and functional.  With the camo print and the colored quarter zip, it’s on trend and doesn’t look like pajamas.  Which for me is important.

Linc enjoys a good book, just as much as his sister, and I love this Superhero Box Set of board books.  It teaches great topics like ABC, On the Go, and even Girl Power – it’s the perfect set to add to our collection.

This one is all for fun, the Fisher-Price Loop & Swoop Amusement Park We’re hoping Linc starts walking in the next couple of weeks, and these tall toys help build his leg muscles because they push him to stand up more often.  And picking up and placing the cars on the track work his fine motor skills.  It’s also big enough for both kids to play together, which is always a plus!

Linc wants to do everything Lulu does, so I think he will really like this Melissa and Doug Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle.  Colorful wood pieces, large in size for his little hands, and full of dyno-mite, just like him!

And I’m loving this no-mess water Magic Water Doodle Mat. It allows Linc to be part of Lulu’s projects, makes both kids feel like they are using markers, and it develops their creativity.  Win/win all around!

Do you get your littles Valentine’s presents?  What are you giving this year?



*Please note this post is using affiliate links.  All opinions and procrastination are my own.


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