My Top Baby Items of 2018

In 2018, we welcomed Linc into the world, just 10 months (almost to the day!) after we had Lulu, so our baby needs changed in the fact that we needed at least 2 of almost everything.  Having two babies under a year made for a lot of exciting times.  During those times, there were many products that I couldn’t have lived without and some a year later we are still relying on almost every day.  Most of these items aren’t fancy, and unfortunately, the Momaroo that I had to have, didn’t make the list, but they are our tried and true go-to items.

Bella Tunno bibs.  I know they are expensive, but they are worth every penny plus they give a meal to a child in need.  I love when I can give while I get. These bibs have saved so many outfits and saved me from cleaning up some really disgusting looking messes.  Plus, they can go in the dishwasher, and for me, that’s a huge win.  I’ve found them on GMA’s deals and steals a few times, and over the holidays, Target had a few designs in select stores. The bibs have cute little sayings on them and are beyond functional.  I tried cheaper alternatives and they don’t measure up.


Neat Solutions Table Topper Placemats. We like to go out to eat, and I don’t like to give my kids anything that could break and shatter. These are a great alternative.  They pack up nicely, I know they are cleaner than putting food on the table, and cleanup is a breeze. I feel less embarrassed because I can unstick it and roll up all of the mess, so a server isn’t picking food up from all over the table. Now the floor, that’s another story…

Fawn Design Diaper Bags. I tried Kate Spade and Coach and looked at countless designer bags, but Fawn Design was the most functional. The backpack is key when you need two hands for babies, but I love the crossbody. It’s functional, has a ton of pockets and wipes clean. I have it in 2 colors the brown and the pink.  It’s my go-to bag and sometimes, I even carry it with me to work.  I love that they have cute accessories; I keep eyeing the stroller hooks.  It would save my crossbody strap from getting stretched across the stroller handlebar. Extra bonus, it’s not too purse-like so dad can carry it too.  Also, I have the original in both bags, and I’m so jealous of the upgrades!                                                                                                                                                fawn design_

Rock and Play. I choose the one by Jonathan Adler, and it’s been a lifesaver.  Both kids slept in it from time to time. Perfect for naps, and easily portable.  I loved that it rocked itself and even had music or white noise options.  I loved the idea of a Dockatot or a Snoo, but for the price, I couldn’t beat the Rock and Play, and it was great that it was one item that by the time Linc was born, Lulu was done with it. We didn’t need to buy a second.


Enfant 7 AM sleeping bags. We live in Illinois, and it gets cold. These are amazing. We got the first one as a baby shower present, and while at first, we had no idea what we would do with it, we quickly started to love it!  And when Linc was born, we had to buy a second. The bag attaches directly to the stroller and keeps the kids warm and toasty.  Matt can take the kids on runs all year long. It was perfect for the holidays strolling through Zoo lights and looking at the store Windows.  Even though we moved out of the city and we’re not walking to the local Trader Joe’s or Target, we still find plenty of uses for our sleeping bags, and they are always a conversation starter when we see people out and about.  Best part, they grow with the kids so they can use these as they grow.


Baby Its Cold Outside

City Mini Stroller. In all honesty, we have 5 strollers for two babies.  We have the single Chico, the double Chico, the single BOB, the double BOB, and a double City Mini.   The City Mini we bought used on craigslist for a family vacation, and it’s amazing.  I hate the color (we have orange) but it’s so functional. It’s an almost smooth walking ride as the double BOB but it’s not nearly as wide as the BOB. We love the BOBs. They are amazing, but the double BOB was too wide to fit through a lot of doors, and it’s heavy.  The city mini double is not much wider than a single stroller, fits through doors and is light enough to throw it in the car or move it around.  Also, it fits in my SUV without taking over the full trunk.  I still have space for a Target run.  For running, we would still use one of the BOBs, but for everything else, the City Mini is the way to go. We got the Chico travel system when Lulu was born, and a single Chicco is ok, and the car seat was great, but the strollers are big and clunky and don’t compare to the BOB or the City Mini.  Once you try these brands, you never want to go back.  They are an investment, and you do have to buy the “extras” but in all honesty, it’s worth it.

Zoo Lights 2018

Diaper Genie. Two babies who stay at home with a nanny during the week means we have a lot of diapers. We love the diaper genie.  It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Boppy Pillows.  At almost one and almost two, my kids still love their Boppy pillows.   Lulu asks for her pillow all the time.  She loves that her head fits into this perfect little space and she knows which one is hers and which one is Linc’s. This past week when she was sick, it was her comfort item.  She’s not attached to one blanket or lovie she wants them all, but she has to have her pillow.  When Linc was born, I was hesitant to buy a second because  I figured Lulu was about over hers and we just needed a new cover, but she wasn’t, and I don’t think she’s going to let her’s go anytime soon.  She usually reaches for it daily when she needs a little rest.  


DoTerra Oils. I was skeptical with trying oils, but the kids and I love them.  Oils have become part of their daily bedtime routine, and as I learn more about them, I hope to further incorporate them into our lives.  We’re always diffusing something in the living room.  With cold and flu season it’s a lot of On Guard and eucalyptus.  But as for the nightly routine, they get lemon on their nose, to prevent runny noses, eucalyptus and lavender on the bottoms of their feet to promote restful sleep, and On Guard on their spine to fight off the cold and flu. I’ve also tried the DoTerra Baby line and love that as well, especially the body wash and the lotion. doterra-baby-collection

So that’s it!  That’s what I go to day after day.  What must-haves do you use?  Does it change much when you go from the baby stage to the toddler stage? What will we need in 2019? Can’t wait to hear what you use!





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