Growing Up In Little Pink Houses

Lulu & Linc –

Moving to a new town, I was scared there wouldn’t be enough for you to do. You were used to so many activities. You thrived on an event filled schedule. Could our new hometown measure up?


It’s a small town. So different from Chicago. Would they have activities for you to do? Would they offer story time? Is there a music or movement class in town? Does the library have a kids section with toys and other kids for you to play with? Will you like it? Will other kids your age be there?

These may be silly questions, but they weren’t silly to me.  And I know while you won’t remember this time, it will have an enormous impact on your development and I will cherish and share the pictures of the fun you had as you get older.


The last thing I want is for you to be uninterested just having your own toys in your own house to play with and my imagination. Which, don’t get me wrong, you are beyond blessed with all the toys, books, and art supplies you have available to you at home.  And I do try to make sure you’re stimulated by activities, but, I worry that won’t interest you enough.   I worry that my work, housework, and other distractions will get in my way from keeping you entertained.

Will you start watching way too much Netflix, especially now that the weather is getting colder? Will you start to take it all for granted? While I would love to be the kind of mom that says no TV ever and has a jammed pack schedule for you without the help of outside resources, I’m not.  And, realistically a ban on all TV doesn’t work for us, but I do want to be the mom that limits your tv exposure both in quantity and in quality on any given day.


So many questions that turned to worries for me. I only want the best for you. Above all else right now in your development, I want to work on your social skills. I want to see your smiles. I want you to wave and smile and acknowledge people. When I’m comfortable with it, I want you to talk to other kids and adults. I want you to be outgoing, and not limited by shyness. I want you to excel in the areas that are hard for me. I want you to know how to share and take turns. And I want to make sure you know how to behave in public.


I’m happy to say, after about a month of living here, you’re adjusting fine. Your city baby skills are coming in and you’re thriving.  Probably better than your father and me!
You love the new library. You actually have two to choose from on any given day. You’re attending multiple classes each week. You’ve checked out the children’s museum in town, and you love it! You’re finding so many things to do outside the house which makes my heart happy.


And I know as time goes on and we all settle in, we will continue to find more. That doesn’t mean there won’t be sick days and snow days and even lazy days, but it’s good to know we’re trying in our new town.  And in the meantime, I found a great resource in a busy toddler that I can’t wait to start incorporating into your schedule.



I’m thrilled you’re adjusting to your new home life. I know you’re both little and go with the flow, but I do know this is a huge transition for you. I know that it made for some sleepless nights and some crabby days. I know it’s caused some confusion and even a little a heartache. But I also know you’re strong and resilient and you will do all you can to love your new home.
So here’s to new beginnings, new outings, and new friends along the way.




Lulu_Reading Time_Oct18

All my love,


Do you live in a small town?  What activities do you do with your kids during the day or have your nanny or babysitter do with your kids?  We’ve been so lucky to find a resource in the library in our town!  They have music classes, story time, play areas, and best of all it’s free.  Do you go to your local library?  What other resources have you found to keep the kids entertained and social?  I don’t want to go so far as to say I’m cheap, but when we’re looking for something for the kids to do almost every day with Miss D, cheap or free is important.  And maybe I’m mean, but the really cool stuff, the stuff that probably isn’t free, and is really going to make the kids happy, that’s the stuff I want to do with them. I work full time, so I only get a limited amount of time to spend with them. I want to take them to the pumpkin patch with the hayrack ride.  I want to take them to the zoo to see the animals.  I want to save some of those experiences for us, or at least the first time they experience those things.  What else do you do to keep your kids entertained?  How does it change in the winter? The cold came quickly in Illinois and it’s starting to really hurt the daily walks to the park! In the meantime, we’re over here crossing things off our fall family bucket list!


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