A picture’s worth a thousand words when you’re not near

Linc and Lulu –
Besides seeing you in person, the highlight of my day is when I get pictures of you. If too much time goes by without a picture of you eating, playing, reading books or out on an adventure, I get really worried.  I love to see your smiling faces and know that you’re day is going ok.
People will see me looking at my phone and know instantly, I received a picture of you because of the smile on my face.  Your smiles bring me smiles.
I love that every day you are out and about.  It’s one of the reasons we choose a nanny over daycare.  We want you to be little explorers. I love that in the summer you smell the flowers and dance in the sunshine and in the fall you investigate the new debris of leaves and sticks on the ground.  You go to the library and meet new kids your age, and you enjoy story and music time with a variety of new teachers.
I love the joy on your face when you’re flying high on the swings and the ‘weeee’ you let out when you find the bottom of the slide.
Little Lulu you are starting to scare me with your need to climb everything in sight! Ladders, ropes, steps, furniture, you name it and you know you can climb it. And then the smile you get when you reach the top, your own mini Mt. Everest!
Lulu_Monkeying Around
Linc you are so ready to be on the go. We can’t decide if you are going to crawl or walk first! You’ve started taking the first steps in your walker and it’s just a matter of days before you’re really on the go.
So keep exploring and seeing what’s out there! Keep checking out new parks.  Go to the library and listen to all the stories.  And to Miss D, keep the pictures coming! It helps so much in the struggle of being away and wanting nothing more than to be with my babies.
All my love,

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