Linc and Lulu –

Can you keep a secret?  We’re moving.

Linc & Lulu - Can you keep a secret?

I always thought you would grow up being city babies. You would take advantage of all the things this big city has to offer. Days spent at the library and different parks, outings to the zoo and Trader Joe’s. A free music class – you would be there. Pop up concert, why not? Cubs game on a Tuesday night, we’re in! Street performers and ice cream in the square, what other way is there to spend a Friday night? Backyards, who needs them? Your own bedroom, overrated!

Linc & Lulu - lulu Sliding into the future

But plans change sometimes. The city can be hard and inconvenient. The city is far away from your extended family. City living is small living when it comes to square footage. And we feel that now, unfortunately, our city home lacks the space we need. And all those things you get to do, but a lot less often with me and your daddy than I would like. Most of these experiences you get are with Miss D. And we wouldn’t trade that. We want you guys to experience it all, even if we can’t be there with you.

Linc & Lulu Just a boy chilling at Wrigley

And so my loves, we are going to move. It’s the hardest decision we have ever made. We are going to find a house with a yard and enough bedrooms to spare. We are going to be close to your family so you can grow up with cousins and grandparents all around. We are going to build a community where you get to learn and explore just on a smaller stage. We will teach you to be big fish in little ponds so when you’re ready to explore on your own, the city won’t be such a scary place. You will be a fish comfortable in any pond, lake, ocean or sea.

Linc & Lulu - New Home, Where Are You?

This isn’t goodbye, just a new beginning. We will still visit this place we’ve called home. We will make sure you never miss out. We will make the most of your new home. We will continue to find you so many opportunities to learn and grow.  The adventure will be different but still important and fun all the same.

So here’s to new adventures. A new beginning. More space and hopefully a little more slowing down.

Linc & Lulu -Future I'm coming for you!

Our move is only 60 miles, but it’s the biggest 60 miles I can imagine. I’ve called this city home for 13 years. Sadly I moved to this city begrudgingly and quickly learned to love it and I’m a little begrudged to leave. But I’m sure I will love our new home just the same.

Linc & Lulu - Linc - All Smiles

So my little city babies, let’s go on an adventure and try country-living. Let’s see what we can do with a little more space, a backyard and a neighborhood that doesn’t need public transportation. Let’s see what it’s like to live on a cul de sac so one day you can ride your bikes and scooters in the street. Where your friends really live next door and maybe someday you’ll be allowed to play outside with your friends until the street lights come on.

Let’s do this adventure like we do everything else. Full of heart, full of ideals, and with giggles and fun along the way.

Linc & Lulu - Love You!

Love you littles!



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