From Baby to Big Boy

Little Linc-

This weekend marks your half birthday! Where did the time go? How did you get to be 6 months old already? It still feels like yesterday we brought home this tiny little peanut and now you’re a little Mister.

Lincoln Matthew - NB

Your smile is contagious and your personality is shining through! Your shy and reserved but also smart and strong. I can tell you have a lot of big ideas and thoughts in that beautiful bald head of yours.


You realize your sister thinks she’s the queen of the castle but you know what’s really going on. You are happy all the time! We couldn’t ask for a more agreeable baby. We’ve been beyond blessed. Everyone told me to be prepared for sleepless nights and tummy troubles and witching hours, and for my second baby to be so much harder than Lulu, but so far (knock on wood!!) you continue to be the chilliest baby ever.


You are the most adorable little explorer. You want to see and check it all out. You are trying new things every day. Your smile, I think lights up the world, but definitely our corner of it. Your big blue eyes are going to melt hearts, just as they do mine.


You’re starting to love foods, especially fruits. You love to jump in the jumper and you want to sit up all by yourself all the time. You still despise tummy time, but you can break out of it in 3 seconds flat!


You are starting to make your voice heard. And it’s the cutest little man voice I’ve ever heard.  I can’t wait till you start saying mama and dada and have cute conversations with Lulu that only the two of you can understand.

Lincoln Pool Face

Happy half birthday little man. I can’t wait to see how you grow and learn during the next 6 months. Watching you and your sister so close in age has really been the best experience ever.


All my love,



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