Summer Bucket List – Baby Edition

Little Linc and Lulu –

Where has the summer gone? How can it already be mid-July?London_DillyBar

I feel like it’s finally started to get warm enough, but not too warm for us to be outside! The recent string of 95+ degree days have kept our time outside at a minimum.

We have been trying our best to live it up this summer. So far we’ve had boat rides, pool time, street festivals, ball games and lots of family time. We’ve had dinner under the stars and roasted marshmallows for s’mores.

Linc_Lulu Side by Side

And you guys have been living it up with Miss D too! So many story times, music classes, walks to the parks and even a trip to the zoo! Your weekly schedule of things to do and see is amazing. I love that you guys are experience so much and interacting with so many people. Your innocent hearts have never met a stranger. You want everyone to be your friends.  You smile and wave wherever you go.

Sometimes I worry that we’re doing too much. That I should let you rest and spend more time indoors. I often wonder should babies have tans? Is the sunscreen we use safe? Are we wearing you out? Seriously, you both have enviable tans, is that ok? You also take enviable naps. Lulu you love your sleep, and we do make sure you get your 2 naps a day in your bed as often as you can.

Linc Zoo

But then I see your big beautiful smiles and I think, you really are having fun! You enjoy seeing the world from your position in the stroller. You love perfecting your climbing skills at the park, or feeling the wind on your ears (because sadly hair is just not in the cards right now) when swinging way up high.

Swinging with my best friend

So while we can and with the horrible reminder that we may only really have 18 summers together, we are going to continue to live it up.

Big Girl at the Zoo

So for the rest of our 2018 Summer Baby Bucket List we are hoping to….

  1. Go to the beach – a first for both of you
  2. Go to the zoo at least one more time
  3. Have a picnic at the park
  4. Take after dinner walks for ice cream
  5. Go to a farmers market
  6. Attend more street festivals and watch street performances
  7. Go to a concert or movie in the park
  8. Go to a splash pad
  9. Go to Navy Pier
  10. Visit every park in a 2 mile radius

Stroller Time

Mama’s what else should we add? What do you do spontaneously in the summer that you don’t do when it’s colder? Anything we should start adding to our fall and winter baby bucket lists?




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