Memorial Day Weekend

For my little clan, Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer. In Chicago, that’s regardless of the weather- which could be a balmy and rainy 50 degrees or crazy hot like this year and be in the 90’s. Either way, summer is here and we know the heat isn’t far behind.

This year, like most years, my little family headed to a remote lake in Indiana to spend some quality time with Matt’s family. During this weekend, we slow down. Way down. Honestly, it’s slower than what I’m comfortable with, but I’m learning. This is the perfect time to disconnect from our devices, stick our toes in the water and relax.
With the kids, our lake experience is different than it was in years past, but it’s so much better!   Linc spent the night for the first time at Grandma and Grandpa’s lake house. And he took his first boat ride, which included his first time in a life jacket.  The life jacket experience left him less than amused.  Can’t you hear him saying, “not cool dad, not cool.”Mean Mug_Linc


Lulu had her fair share of firsts this year too. Even though it wasn’t her first trip to the lake.  She has her first bonfire and taste of s’mores. And her first time getting in the lake. All the fun and adventures brought a huge smile to her face. Lulu is loving boat life! She is so adventurous, I’m sure she’s going to want to be tubing and skiing way before I’m ready for her to be!





For me, this weekend was another opportunity and reminder to be present. To embrace the slowness. To get just as excited as the kids do at the little things. To focus on what I’m witnessing and not on what I might be missing.  To read more stories, to play more catch, to step away from my phone and the computer and just be in the moment.  And before the weekend is over, I like to stop and reflect on the men and women who serve our country every day, especially those who lost their lives for it.  It’s because of them we get to enjoy this unofficial start of summer.


There’s nothing on Facebook or Instagram that can’t wait a few days. If I missed someone’s Snapchat story, I will be none the wiser and my podcasts and emails will be there when I get back.

Tell me, how did you celebrate the long weekend? Do you take time in the summer to unwind and disconnect?  What’s your favorite thing to do with the kids during the summer?  I can’t wait to hear all about it!




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