Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my second Mother’s Day. Which I get, puts me very low on the Mother’s Day totem pole.  But I’m still happy to have a day where I’m celebrated for the tiny humans I’ve lovingly helped bring into this world.

How do you spend Mother’s Day? Since becoming a mother yourself, what traditions have you started with your own family? How do you celebrate your mom or mother in law, or even your grandma’s?  Please tell me all the ways, I would love to know!

Honestly, my Mother’s Day is a lot more hectic than I would like it to be. To combat that this year, I’ve requested my family split it up. My mother-in-law gets a cookout on Saturday and my mom gets brunch on Sunday.  I get babies that stick to their schedules and get naps in this weekend, which really, what more can I ask for? The idea was not embraced by all at first, but everyone made it work. And I think  in the end everyone appreciated not being rushed even if all celebrating didn’t happen on the EXACT day.  My personal biggest regret of the day is that I didn’t get a picture of me with the kids at either event, which is something else I want to work on! Getting the pictures and documenting the days.


I love being a mom. Which is not something I was sure I would love before becoming one. Sure, I knew I liked kids well enough, but would I love being a mom? Would I love the ups and downs? Would I love being with them all the time? Would I miss the old me? Or the me that had more free time, drinking friends, and freedom to do what I want when I want without a second thought for someone who depends on me?

And the answer is no. I don’t miss that. I love my nights filled with bath time and stories. I struggle the days I’m away from my babies for 10 plus hours a day because I work. I love the snuggles and the baby giggles. I love the look your child gives you when the only thing they want in the world is their mama.


This mom life I wouldn’t trade for anything. I want more mom life. So this year, I’m doing what I can to make more of that happen. I’m setting boundaries at work to protect my time with my family.  My weekends are all about family adventures instead of laundry and housework. Most nights I will make dinner, but it’s more important to me to have my family around the table together than to have a meal I made from scratch 5-6 days a week. And the house, well it’s clean enough. If someone walks in I won’t be mortified, but it’s probably not going to be real estate agent approved any time soon. Right now, my priority is going to be on being a mom. Help me remember that, will you?

Stay at home and working mama’s how do you make it work? How do you balance responsibilities, significant others, extended family, with being a mom?

And most importantly, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope it was filled with love and laughter and you spent at least a minute or two being grateful for the family you’ve built.


Not the best picture, but we were having fun, and that’s what counts! wrigley race_2


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