On Being Second

Linc –

You are growing so fast and I have no idea where the time is going.  I feel like you entered our lives yesterday, and yet you’re already almost 4 months old.


I have so much guilt over being your mama.  Guilt that our time isn’t one-on-one like it was with Lulu.  Guilt that you get glanced over because you’re not walking, talking, and needing our eyes on you as much as your sister.  You’re not trying to eat the cat food or figure out how to open doors.  We don’t have to worry about you falling down and bumping your head, or sticking your hands in the toilet.  You sit there quietly, with the cutest smile on your face, and you give us patience.  More patience than I think I deserve sometimes.


But please know baby boy, my love for you, is just as strong and deep as my love for Lulu.  That I wish I could kiss and cuddle you all day every day, and I want the very best for you.

With spring finally coming to Chicago, I hope our time together can be spent eating at the park, reading stories under the stars, and walks that go on for miles.  I hope our nights will continue to be filled with your smiles and baby giggles and all the cuddles imaginable.  Always know our daddy and I love you more than all the stars in the sky.  You are such an amazing addition to our lives and we wouldn’t change a thing.

All my love,

your mama


Mama’s – how do you handle having multiple kids with conflicting needs?  How to feel about the time you spend with all your littles? Any tips and tricks?  Do you ever feel guilty that one child is getting more attention than another?  What keeps you sane in these situations? I need all the advice, tips and tricks you can offer!  Tell me how you make it work!  ~





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