Lulu making it to the end of the slide

Pick It Up Like Lulu

Lulu –

Learning to walk, must be one of the most tiring skills we learn. Every day I watch you get a little stronger, a little more stable, a little braver. Every day I watch you fall, and every day I see you get back up and try again. You never quit trying. You never give up, get fed up, or stop. Sometimes you even laugh at yourself along the way. But every day you have the determination that you will walk, you will get there, and you will do it on your timeline.


Where in life do we lose that skill? When do we stop thinking that trying is a good thing? When do we start to think failure and learning are the enemies? Why do we think we need to be an expert in everything we do? Even on the first try?

Your perseverance and determination are teaching me grace. You are teaching me that I need to give myself grace when trying something new or growing through a process. I need to give myself the space to try, let me laugh at myself along the way and enjoy the journey, instead of just trying to hurry up and get to the end result. Watching you is a daily reminder to me that everything you and Linc go through is a completely new adventure. Your learning and growing and loving the process.


We often document you and your brother’s big firsts – the first holidays, Cubs game, trip to the zoo, and we want to continue to document and praise those milestones, but know my sweet girl I’m watching the process, and cheering you on along the way.  And I want to do more documenting and living in those moments as well. Whether it’s walking, talking, or learning how to eat, I want to find joy in your process.   Joy in the missteps along the way, and even joy in picking up the food from your hair, the highchair the floor and occasionally the walls because one day eating all by yourself will be a given.  One day way too soon you won’t want our help.  You won’t need us to be waiting for you at the bottom of the slide, or to push you on the swings.  One day soon, you’ll want to do it all by yourself.  But until then, I’m going to enjoy the ride.



Lots of Love,


Mama’s – how do you feel when your babies were learning to walk?  Were you a nervous wreck?  Did you baby proof the entire house?  Were you chill?  Did you think in the back of your mind, “she’ll learn”.  I go back and forth on what we can do to make our house safer.  We don’t have stairs of any kind so that’s a huge plus!  Lulu isn’t into cabinets, just yet, but I know it’s coming. What systems, products, tools worked best for you.  I’d love to hear what you think.



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