Best of 2017

Oh, Lulu-

2017 was our year.  You came and changed our lives in so many wonderful ways.  You are a beautiful, fun-loving, energetic baby girl and I can no longer imagine my life without you.  Watching you grow and learn over the last 9 months has been the highlights of my life.  Every day you amaze me with what you can do.  I never knew my heart could grow and expand so much.


On March 21st, you were this 8 pounds 6 oz bundle of love.  Holding you was magic.  The love and admiration I had for you from day one was unparalleled.  You would roll up into this perfect little ball in my arms.   From that first day, you knew I was your momma and we were going to build the best life ever.

Each month we’ve watched you grow and change.  We’ve watched you develop a fun loving personality, we’ve watched you experience so many firsts – and we’ve laughed through it all.  Your baby bucket list has been filed with incredible experiences and I hope your daddy and I can do you justice showing and telling you all about them. It’s been a joy sharing these experiences with you.

Lulu Lemons2

As soon as we brought you home, it’s really been non-stop.  We’ve had trips to the library, mommy and me music classes, new moms and babies groups, playdates with the neighbors, Cub’s games, daddy daughter outings, Blackhawk’s games, and traveled all over the city to experience as much as Chicago has to offer.  Your first year was a whirlwind, and I wouldn’t change a thing!


We had our challenges too, but lucky for us they were few and far between.  Like the first day of daycare, where I cried the whole day, but I’m sure you enjoyed yourself meeting new friends and learning new skills. Your first bout with the stomach flu, the first few months when we were up all nights making sure you’re fed, changed, and still breathing, and the ongoing joys of teething.  While I hate seeing you in pain, I know each experience is making you a stronger and better Lulu.

As we begin 2018, and our family continues to grow, I look forward to seeing all you can be.  I have big hopes and dreams for you little one, and I know you will exceed them all. You’re going to take on the biggest role of your life this year – big sister.  I know you’ll be amazing. 

Lulu_Big Sis

Love and kisses, 

Your mama


Mama’s – what were your highlights of 2017?  I’d love to hear all about the fun and exciting things you did in 2017 with and without the babes.


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